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Some people were greedy; some people made mistakes; some people were victims of mortgage fraud. Regardless of it started, it is you, the consumer, who is going to keep paying for the mistake. Millions of consumers have walked into deals that made owning a home possible or owning a larger home than you thought could seem possible.

At the Law Offices of Albert A. Mitchell, P.C., we work with clients throughout Atlanta, Georgia, to help victims of mortgage fraud.

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The unfortunate reality of fraud is that the people who committed the crime have already made their money and moved on. As a victim, you may be losing your home and savings and be looking for a way to start over.

We Can Help Victims Of Mortgage Fraud

If you are in foreclosure or are the victim of mortgage fraud and have already been foreclosed upon, we may be able to help in a variety of ways, including:

  • If the foreclosure is still in the process, we can stop it.
  • Lawyer Albert Mitchell can sue the person or company who committed the fraud, which could get you a settlement and help you pay your debts.
  • If you initiate litigation against the party who defrauded you, we may be able to get the foreclosure off your credit report.
  • In the past, we have been able to force the credit score companies to take the foreclosure off your record.

Some people who are facing foreclosure consider foreclosure “rescue services” but do not want to be involved in another scam. If you call our firm with the details of the service you are considering, we can help you determine whether you are being offered a scam.

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